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This website is part of MentalHealthAwarenessEducation.com and was started in 2016 as a blog of over 2k blog posts of my grief journey after losing my son, Charles, to suicide.

This page is a guide for those who want to find specific information for themselves, a friend, or a loved one since there is so much here and hard to find.

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The Power of Kindness

by Michael L. Renner

The power of kindness can not be truly measured. We do not always know how we impact others around us and we would be surprised if we knew how much kindness helps others grow.

It was not my plan it was not my thought
But when the time came it was not for not
I spoke a kind word to a student not mine
I spoke of future and good day wishes divine

She looked at me but could not grin
She looked scared and shattered from thoughts within.
She spent all night not trying to …

Witnessing Death as a Nurse and Supporting the Family

by Miranda

Death is an inevitable part of a nurse’s career. It occurs not only in hospice care settings where death is an expectation but in many other healthcare settings as well. The circumstances surrounding a patient’s death, the level of experience of the nurse, and their coping strategies are all factors that can affect a nurse’s emotions in profound ways. 

Patient Death Affects Nurses

A study published in 2021 surveyed 160 nurses across four hospital units—emergency department, internal medicine, surgery, and intensive care unit—to assess the impact patient death has on nurses. 

Despite only 11% of nurses reporting “that …

I reached out for help and was traumatized and humiliated instead

by Jan

Note from AnneMoss Rogers. If you are part of a hospital system, please see Zero Suicide, a model that aims to improve care and outcomes for people at risk of suicide in healthcare systems. Also, take a look at the CAMs care model for compassionate treatment for suicidal patients. Finally, you can reach out to the 741-741 USA crisis text line or USA Prevention Lifeline at 988 if you are in crisis.

It had been an extremely difficult mental health journey leading up to the night of 10/26/23. I had been undergoing therapy with minimal improvement. I … Read more...

I just want to die

Note from AnneMoss: I have heard back from Devin and for now he is safe. If you struggle with thoughts of suicide, the USA Suicide Prevention Lifelines is 988, and the USA/Canada Crisis Text Line is 741-741. USA Warmlines are for nonemergencies but in case you need to talk.

by Devin

I’m a father to two adult children and 1 preteen and have been married for 22 years to the love of my life who ironically is an RN at a mental health facility.

I’m a correctional officer at a prison and I guess the vibes I deal with … Read more...

Memories of Making Hot Sauce with My Dad

by Ava Schrage

My most treasured middle school memories begin with the intense aroma of habanero peppers and pineapple. For most, comfort food equates to mac and cheese or hamburgers, but for my father and me, a touch of homemade hot sauce was a taste of home.

I had memorized all the basics to impress him with my knowledge of spicy foods: where everything landed on the Scoville scale when the best time to harvest peppers was, and what lingers in the membranes of the seeds that create that sweet burn on your tongue.

By the time September rolled around


How to talk to someone in despair by someone who has been there

by Kate

Kate was brought up in a cult that didn’t allow medical intervention. She is a person with lived experience who has had suicidal thoughts. For Kate, a big contributing factor to this is her strict upbringing and the conflict that comes that resulted from severing ties with a religion that holds you hostage but also is the only life you’ve ever known.

Do: Listen.  Let them voice their emotions. Ask if they would like to make a list of the things that they need, both large and small.  Do something on it right away.  It will make them feel both cared … Read more...

Words Matter: Suicide is NOT a crime

Stigma kills.

Words matter.

Knowledge is power.

Through education and conversation we CAN change how the world views mental illness and suicide. Will you start by sharing this and helping others learn why every word matters?… Read more...

I can never be good enough for you, Mom

by Jan

Dear Mom, 
I am so hurt and destroyed by your actions, especially in the last few years.

I don’t understand when one of your children tells you how they feel and how destroyed they are that you can be so cold and heartless. I spent my whole life feeling not good enough and never ever being able to make you happy. When I tried so hard. I just wanted you to say one time something was good or “good job” or to feel like I finally did something right.  

Raymond would never do what was asked of … Read more...

Making peace with regrets

Charles thought we’d given up on him.

There is no putting lipstick on that thought to make it pretty. And denying it won’t make it not true. I drowned in guilt over this for years. And it has resurfaced after a dream in which the phone rang incessantly and I woke up in a cold sweat that something awful had happened.

It had of course. In 2015, my son had taken his life. Why was this coming up now?

Right after he died, I was obsessed about that last phone call.

But it wasn’t the last phone call. There was … Read more...

I Am Not Mental Illness Ashamed (M.I.A.)

Strong emotional content and suicide method referenced. If you are in crisis, text “help” to 741-741 or call 988

david snell

by Dave Snell

About five years ago I read a speech Wil Wheaton gave concerning his dealings with Chronic Depression and Generalized Anxiety.  More importantly, it was about how he is not ashamed of admitting that he lives with those diagnoses. What troubled me though was he only focused on a couple of particular types of mental illness.  Like cancer, there are many types of mental illness, but we seem to focus on a few of them.  I have had a … Read more...

The Ten Psychiatric Ward Stays in Fourteen Years

shared by guest author, Kevin Hines

An excerpt from CHAPTER 6 of Kevin Hines’ NEW book:


My first three psychiatric hospital stays were involuntary.

I was forced in against my will. However, the last seven stays up until 2019 were voluntary. I walked into the emergency rooms, head held high, turned to the intake nurse (with a loved one present) and said, “I need to be here, or I won’t be here. I am thinking of suicide.” Each stay was vastly different while simultaneously feeling the same. The difference festered … Read more...

Mercy was my support dog for recovery and two losses by suicide

by Andrea Giannini

My name is Andrea and I am an addict in recovery. My addictions were speed, narcotics, and alcohol. Because of my addictions, I’ve lost friends, significant others, housing, and my dignity. But since getting clean and sober, I have gained family, home, companions, and Mercy.

Andrea and Mercy

My mother gave me this rescue pitbull puppy which was named Angel. After realizing that the rescue dog rescued me, I renamed her Mercy.

Mercy came to me just 2 days after I became free from addiction

My clean/sober date is January 29, 2014, and I received Mercy on … Read more...

Charles’s 28th Birthday, April 26, 2023. Year 8 since his death.

Late last year, I spoke to a class of high school students locally. The teacher said she had been a friend of Charles’s which shocked me. How did she get to be the teacher? Wasn’t she too young? I couldn’t speak for a few seconds. The teacher even shared old pictures I had not seen.

You see I have Charles frozen at age 20.

All those who went to school with him are kind of frozen in my mind, too. I do see his friends, I get that they’ve graduated from college, some have married and his best friend had … Read more...

The day my naïveté left me stranded

Almost everyone can mark the day their innocence walked out the door and harsh reality took its place. It’s that day when your vision of what the world is, where it’s going, and how you are moving through it changes course. Can you remember yours?

Awareness had been stalking me for weeks but had successfully been shoved out of the spotlight by denial, leaving it panting at the periphery of my conscience, anxious to break in and give me news I didn’t want to hear.

My naive mind didn’t want the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place but … Read more...